Peter Palmquist Memorial

Last time we were in Arcata it was to meet Peter Palmquist, the patron who offered to publish Amy’s book just because he felt her work deserved to be seen. This time it was to attend the memorial service following his passing. An amazing afternoon – around 300 people gathered in a 1930’s theater in Northern California to discuss and herald and joke about and commemorate an obsessive life spent collecting and cataloguing early California photographers and women in photography. An incredible cat. We can all hope to leave such an impression on the world.

Rained almost the whole trip, but it felt appropriate and it felt great. Hiked in the glorious giant redwoods with Amy and Miles, ate sushi from Tomo, walked along the beach in the dense mist, splashed everywhere we went. After the insanity of the past six weeks (both in our personal lives and in the world) this was exactly the washing we needed.

Music: Mar-Keys :: Banana Juice

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