roomsprout.jpgYou know Spring has arrived with vigour when ivy crawling the outside of the house becomes overzealous and finds it way into your office. Don’t tell our landlord. This wouldn’t have happened if we had prevented the ivy from becoming enmeshed in the shingles to begin with. But we’re suckers for inflourescence. Amy found the creeper and truncated it outside the house. Life support pulled out from under it, the indoor tendril collapsed a few hours later.

Music: The Teenagers :: Why Do Fools Fall In Love

3 Replies to “Roomsprout”

  1. that’s a brilliant picture!

    Not to be a pedant, but you mean inFLORescent (growing) not inFLOURescent (glowing).

    “we play for MacArthur’s erection!”

  2. Heh… at our old house, the garage was covered with ivy. It was lifting the flat roof off the place – ivy squirling in through all four sides in the newly-levered gap between the walls and the roof.

    I finally got to chopping most of it down – never been so covered in spiders in my entire life.

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