Neutron Tower

One of Miles and Daddy’s favorite games – Daddy makes a tower out of stacking cups with a plastic ball he calls the neutron ball, then Miles knocks it over. Now that Miles can crawl, this is even more fun, as it becomes a race to see whether Daddy can get the tower built faster than Miles can arrive on the scene.


Shooting this sequence with one hand while building the tower with the other was… a gas. I’m not going to show the variant of the game where we knock over the tower with a toy airplane. ;)

Music: Heptones :: The Best Things in Life

4 Replies to “Neutron Tower”

  1. Awesome! I remember that game (but without the neutron ball) – love the other photos too (especially the valentine) – all I can say is “awww”

    Keep capturing those moments to treasure, they’re priceless. Here’s my favourite from our littlest.

  2. Oh, man… seeing her take those first steps… and realizing it’s just around the corner. Almost scary. Slow down, little ones, slow down!

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