Hello Kitty Sausages

Clearing out the cobwebs… Dobby and Vladimir Putin, separated at birth? … No company has ever worked harder to make kilts look so manly … Study demonstrates that hands-free cell phones are just as dangerous as regular ones due to “attention blindness” … I hear they’re going to cease production of the infamous Hello Kitty vibrators, but Hello Kitty sausages will continue … Texas war policy explainified … I need one of these for MP3 storage … The Flash mind reader is quite a trip, until you realize that, oh, nevermind … Is there more to shoot-em-ups than meets the outsider’s eye? … The AK-47 assault rifle is blamed for more more deaths than the atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Now its inventor is planning to turn swords into ploughshares, so to speak … Great thread on ads in theaters at Plastic … Known a “digital arts community” type of person who needs a press release written for his/her upcoming big web show? Point them at the Market-o-Matic … It’s new age, but it’s sincere and it matters — Breathe in Peace … In 2003, it should be a source of shame for a commercial operating system to ship with a dialog like this … I guarantee this is the strangest animation you’ll see all day … You are behaving badly ….

Music: Aimee Mann :: Guys Like Me

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  1. I wanted to get one of those kilts, a friend of mine in Vancouver has one and recommended them… they don’t stock them anywhere in the UK though, and I don’t know that I feel brave enough to spend that much on something I can’t try on (and might not actually wear very much – certainly in Sheffield).

    For now I’ll have to stick with this one.

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