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Another one of those bizarre floating comments last night — on a Nov. 2002 post about Miles making little vocable sounds, someone asked:

I have mice pets and they just had babies and i dont have no idea how should i take care of them. PLEASE PLEASE HELP me right now. im freakin out.

So… did this person mistake “Miles” for “Mice?” Can’t say I haven’t done the same. Squeak.

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  1. Way, Way, Way back in the early days of the web I ran a site called “Clone Central”. Kinda a seperated a birth type dealie… The first “clones” we featured were Jello Biafra and Fred Schneider, who sound remarkably similar if you close your eyes.

    Anyway, my point is that I recieved SO much mail from people looking for information about actual CLONING, and most of it was from people who barely understood english (i.e. “Give me about clone”).

  2. Is Clone Central still online? if there’s any proof of your allegations about Fred and Jello, I’ve *got* to check it out.

    You should see the mail I get from people asking about hacking (because of my name).

  3. And I used to get lots of offers of cheap quantities of industrial caustic soda sent to the email address for my band, Caustic.


  4. i got two female mice 10 days ago and one of them is pregnant some one in the pet shop literally screwed up before i got them and the shop won’t take it back. help

  5. take the other mice back and give the babies to the pet store guy and tell them you aren’t keeping them and set them on the counter and tell them thats it and walk out its not your problem that they messed up its not like the ppl at the pet store can do anything to ya

  6. i have 2 pet feeder mice, dose any one know how big they grow or what they eat?
    i’ve ben feeding them bread they seem to like it…

  7. for god sake some people are so stuid and im supposed 2 b dumb coz im blonde thats discrimination!

    why didnt u ask the pet shop

  8. You are so funny i would die if i didnt have some where to take my mouslings just give the baby mice to me or look in the telephone book and call all the petstores and ask if they will take your baby mice the petstore lady gladly took my mice in just don’t give them to a place that wants to use them as feeder mice :D

  9. so nobody actually knows anything about pet mice? seriously you ppl should do some research before you go out and buy some!!! i’m only 13 and i probably know more than you no affence or anything, give mice a museli mixture they like that or cooked pasta or cooked rice or boiled potato, if you give them bread make sure its stale somehow they like it better, and don’t please don’t put pine shavings in there enclosure use recycled newspaper kitty litter.

  10. I saved a baby feeder mouse from an untimely death by a friends Red Bearded Dragon, it’s been two days and he seems to be doing well. His eyes have opened and he’s eating and he’s active, I’m planning on keeping him but I am concerned about diseases. Everyone has been telling me that they can’t sell diseased mice as food for reptiles, but I just want to make sure. If anyone has any info I could use please email me, it would be greatly appreciated. I named him Faustus… it means lucky in Greek.

  11. I bought two white feeder mice for my kids. The pet store said they’re young. Do they bite? How big do they get? I never buy animals without researching first! I feel bad, even though there house is a mansion compared to what they were in. Is gerbil food okay? What’s a good sight to read from?

  12. Hello. Before purchasing, adopting, or acquiring a pet in any way, RESEARCH the ANIMAL so you are well informed of what you may possibly be getting yourself into. By educating yourself, you will avoid returning animals to shelters, pet stores, or to willing friends. Some animals have trouble adjusting to a new environment after multiple adoptions. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) finds that 8-12 million companion animals nationwide enter animal shelters ever year and about 5-9 million are euthanized. Animal overpopulation is a huge problem in our nation. Please help curb this problem by simply educating yourself prior to adding a new animal to your family.

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