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Received this at the J-School’s webmaster email address today, subject line “Take Heed” :

Your name is NOT “Scot Hacker” and take that “gay Christian” remark off of this site or you are going to be in a heap of trouble in more ways than one. Let me tell you about a few of them: You will be reported to the Dean and the Assistant Dean; what you are doing may be reporting to large donor alumni; what you are doing will be reported to media; what you are doing will be reported to organizations as a person of interest and you do not want to become involved with people who can do worse to you than you are trying to do to the name of Christians. Your “gay Christian” remark is placed there only to defame Christians; you are probably a mislead Muslim. If you think this is going to be tolerated, you are dead wrong. Diana

Had no idea what she was talking about but searched for “gay christian” and found a 3-year-old article on our site about black gay Christians in South Africa by an ex-student name of Julia Roller. Diana apparently couldn’t find an email link for Julia so unleashed her spew on me. I returned a nice note wondering what she had against black gay Christians, but it bounced. Too bad – was really looking forward to getting sucked into the bottomless fray of lunatic religious extremism.

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  1. Do you hear that?

    It’s the whoosh of air left behind in the wake of the powerful google creation as it scours the internet, ever non-mindful of content, indescrimintately collecting any and all information posted online.

    Oops.. Did someone mis-interpret something they read on the internet? Surprise.

    Some people must learn, that just because it’s presented in an “official” form, it doesn’t necessarily reflect the views, opinions, and heck, what the hell, reality of today.


    It’s a shame, I agree, that your email reply bounced. I hope she gets to read the comments though.

    Take care Scot Hacker… That is your real name, isn’t it? Just kidding.

  2. Well Mr. “Hacker”, I’m glad you’re finally getting outed for the pinko, Christian-defamer that you are. Our friends at Clear Channel will soon be telling the TRUTH about you — COAST TO COAST. And if that’s not enough, I’m sure our friends at FOX will be happy to expose the pathetic excuse of JOURNALISM that you and those Berkley tree-huggers are pushing down the throats freedom-loving Christian Americans. We will not TOLERATE these lies! Hey buddy, this is AMERICA, not France — Get on board or get out! :-p

    Whew — Couldn’t resist the chance for parody. Glad to see that the Christian right is using the terms of the Ashcroft fascists in their fedayeen-style bulling tactics…

  3. Thanks be to the brother who shared the good news of the real live preacher. healing waters.

  4. Thanks for the link to Real Live Preacher – what an incredible man. I’m always gratified and relieved to find Christians actually living the words of Christ.

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