Clear Channel’s Pro-War Rallies

Thought you already had enough reasons to hate Clear Channel? Here’s one more: Many of the pro-war rallies happening across the nation are apparently sponsored by Clear Channel Central Command. As it turns out, America’s corporate music controller, er, I mean, generous parent of lots of struggling radio stations, has close ties to the Bush administration. It all hangs together so neatly, says my inner conspiracy theorist.

Music: Butthole Surfers :: 22 Going On 23

8 Replies to “Clear Channel’s Pro-War Rallies”

  1. When are the Democrats going to lead an assault on this administration? There must be some powerful figures somewhere that are dying to get back at the Republicans for what they did to Clinton! The oligarchy for the rich ensconced in the White House are barely being challenged. It is amazing how well they have wrapped themselves in the flag, mom, and apple pie.

  2. All countries against the war hav’nt had 1000’s of their citizens murdered by muslims trained in Iraq.They have not watch thier citizens murdered by militant muslims trained in Iraq or watched the celebrations held by arab people for the last 15 years either.The arab people have been murdering inocent americans for a long long time dragging them thru the streets & celebrating their deaths & the whole world seems to love it.The world loves seeing americans murdered but if a american kills anyone, that can not be tolerated.The scripter is right when it says the pathway to hell is broad & most will inter it.The path to heaven is narrow & few there are that find it.Anyone that thinks for one minute that the arab goverments is not involved in terriost acitivites are “FOOLS”. The arab goverments use terriost groups because it “seperates” their goverment from the terriost & draws the “heat away from them.NICE STRADIGY! The U.S should have suicide bombers blow their people up all the time & blame it on militant skinheads or the KKK

  3. I wish real Americans would stand as tall and strong as these anti-American, anti-war activist our there. We should be flooding their web pages with our thoughts, and be anking ask them if they remember that September day

  4. It really is frowned upon these days for being pro am. I am a pro american non-racial skinhead and i wear a flag on my flight.When i go watch local bands play i get frowned at like im wearing a swazi.The youth are quicker to jump on a communist or foreign band wagon than try to learn about our country politics and history.Its a blind form of rebellion and self hatred.

  5. Chris, what one generally sees – whether in the music scene or at the university level – is that the more one learns about U.S. history, the harder it gets to be “pro American” as you say. But I’m reluctant to even use that phrase — one is for or against certain actions or collective behaviors — not entire countries. Countries are too diverse to be for or against them. The U.S. is what it is, for all of its good and all of its bad.

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