… Annnnd We’re Back

Finally online with Speakeasy DSL, today marking two weeks since we were suddenly knocked off our previous provider (don’t you think it might make sense to provide the customer with new equipment before disconnecting their previous service?). Two weeks of dialup is more than enough to drive home just how badly you never want to return to the Pleistocene.

The funny thing is that Speakeasy still didn’t get the modem to us as promised today — screwup #17 meant it wasn’t going to arrive until Saturday. On a tip from an Activations specialist, I tried one more time to sync the old Alcatel and whoa – it locked in (I had stopped looking for sync days ago). A few minutes later had a nice cocktail of static and DHCP addresses on the home network. 1.5/768 — not only is it great throughput, but latency seems SO much lower than it was with the old provider — I’m guessing better DNS caching. Zoom zoom. We’re drunk on bandwidth.

Despite the fact that I got off to a very bad start with Speakeasy, the people there have been incredibly gracious and supportive and apologetic. And the services rock. My acct came with one static IP, which I used for the router. I wanted an additional static to run a domain from home, went to their site, ordered it online, and it was available immediately — beautiful.

betips.net has been successfully transferred into the hands of Chris Simmons at BeOS Journal. Chris has been great and I have confidence the site will be in good hands with him. I feel much better about having it maintained by someone who still uses and promotes BeOS.

Music: Impossible Underpants :: Sacajawea Head

8 Replies to “… Annnnd We’re Back”

  1. Music: Impossible Underpants :: Sacajawea Head

    Really? Never heard of such a thing. No luck on allmusic or alltheweb or google. Is it something from some secret society or are you seeing if anyone’s paying attention? Because I’m not, or anything. ;)

  2. Maybe I should consider checking that “remember info” dealy down there, but it gives me the creeps. I’ll admit, two comments in a row that don’t actually deal with the body of your post is probably a little uncool, but when I posted that last one I noticed the title of your entry up there, and I thought, “Hey, I meant to post that to the birdhouse, not Defective Yeti…” Is that a coincidence? This is what I’m babbling about, in case it was just a coinkidink.

  3. i — I too discovered that Impossible Underpants returned zero hits on google – seemingly impossible but true. I have alerted one of the former band members, who hopefully will pop in here soon to speak up for himself and explain the situation. All I can say for now is that me and 3 other people are probably the ony people on earth who own the disc.

  4. Please don’t be creeped out by “remember info” – it is your friend.

    As for the titular syncronicity, I’m floored – that deserves a separate post all by itself.

  5. Oops, looks like Mr. Impossible Underpants himself won’t be here for 10 days at least. Just got an autoresponse:

    I will be away from computers until late Monday, March 24. I look forward to reading your message then.


  6. Well I’m intrigued by these Mysterious Underpants; hopefully I’ll remember I’m intrigued when that guy gets back. Anything that’s owned by only three is right up my thingy.

    I think the phrase “titular synchronicity” deserves a post all by itself. And THEN Beavis & Butthead need to hear about it and say, “heh heh, huh huh, he said…”

  7. Impossible Underpants never happened. Urban Legend. Scot’s making the whole thing up. Please cease this inquiry. Lives are at stake. Must go.

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