Kitsch Fatigue

Remember what it was like back when you were obsessively ironic? Before 9-11 allegedly killed off irony for good? Remember when you could actually and genuinely enjoy movies and records that were so bad they were good? Let me guess – now you just think they’re plain old bad. Hrm. Me too. In fact, kitsch fatigue seems to be a common symptom of … something. Everywhere I turn, people are enjoying things that are actually good and seemingly disinterested in things that are bad. It’s tragic.

“I used to be able to take great pleasure in not enjoying things,” Erdman said. “But these days, the only things I like are things I like. Christ, I feel so old.”

n.b.: I never bought the idea that 9-11 made a lick of difference in the overall carrying capacity of the nation’s irony glands. I’m talking more about the weight of the mortgage than culture shift here.

Thanks Max.

Music: Elvis Costello :: Pads, Paws And Claws

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  1. The aim of terrorism is to terrorize; the inflicted human and material damage is only a means to this end.

    There are things about 9/11 one simply can’t joke about, out of common decency, but in general comedy and irony are an important way of expressing defiance.

    It’s not about telling funny things – it’s about telling things funny.

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