After a ~5-month hiatus, we’re officially house hunting again. Back on the Sunday open house circuit, slogging it through the Bay Area in search of the mythical perfect house — nice neighborhood, within bicycle commute distance to UCB, not tacky or flimsy or unloved, big enough to spread out in, extra room to turn into a darkroom, garage with room for a workbench, a few trees on the street….

Now more conflicted than ever. Both of us feeling so oppressed by the idea of going into eternal hawk and living close to the bone for god knows how long to get anywhere close to this dream. Should we pull up roots and head back to Massachusetts? Morro Bay? Portland? Portsmouth NH? Or better yet, Sweden?

But my work situation is so good. But no way can Miles play in the street here, let alone head off for 45 minutes of surfing or hiking before dinner. What’s the answer? Feeling like we’ve been in limbo over the housing thing for far too long. Already missed our big opportunity to cash in on the boom…. now the market hovers at saturation point. Interest rates in our favor, but housing prices “through the stratmosphere” (as an immigrant ex-boss used to say).

Music: Tim Buckley :: The River

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  1. Yes, come back to Massachusetts. Or… I’m hearing great things about Portsmouth, NH. Seems like within the last few years it’s become a hip destination. Still in Red Sox terriority as well.

  2. Come to Portsmouth and contribute to the growing techie movement of the northern seacoast region. Ok, movement might be too strong of a word. Really more like a shift. Ok, just a couple of groups. One group. Just me, actually :)

  3. Def. avoid western Pa. while the housing is dirt cheap and there’s plenty of land for outdoorsy activities there are few tec. jobs, nil diversity of culture, and most people are cold-hearted conservatives.

    ok – I’ll take the tongue out of my cheeck now… :c)

  4. Hrm, that’s two votes for Portsmouth (plus the suggestion from a friend that prompted me to note it to begin with)… am I detecting the shadow of a movement here? Maybe it’s time for a bit of a vacation to have a looksee.

  5. miles will have love. teach him to give love and he’ll be fine wherever. surround yourselves with the highest concentration of love, and that’s where you should live.

    simple, ain’t it?

  6. We keep fantasizing about moving different places but the scales always wind up tipped pretty strongly in favor of where we are already. No area offers the combination of diversity, outdoor opportunities, urban life, high tech, and high culture like the Bay Area.

    fyi, a couple of neighborhoods in Oakland look pretty good right now: Maxwell Park (I know a couple who just bought a nice house there) and Grass Valley.

  7. Dylan, Grass Valley and neighbors are dyn-o-mite! Thanks for pointing out this neighborhood. Amy and I went for a drive there today and fell in love with teh possibiliities. Thanks.

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