I am taking every opportunity to move domain registrations off of Netsol and onto Dotster. Currently trying to transfer to its new owner, but to do that, I need to retrieve a password. And to do that, Netsol’s password-retrieval system needs to be up and running. For the past 72 hours, I’ve gotten nothing but a “this service temporarily unavailable” message from them.

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  1. I’ve long adored JumpDomain. In addition to being pretty responsive on any kind of an inquiry (pre-sales or post), the web interface has some nice extras, such as being able to do most operations on a group of domains at once. You can update all the addresses in all categories on all domains at once, or even add nameservers to multiple domains at once.

    They float the registration price up and down between $9 and $15, depending on how busy they are. Right now I believe it’s at $10, which appeals to the Scotsman in me.

  2. The batch utilities sound very useful, although I don’t have that many domains to manage and don’t change settings very often. I like Dotster’s URL masking, which let me alias Amy’s to an already existing URL.

  3. Netsol bites, doesn’t it ? At work, I headed up a project to transfer all of our registrations to Good outfit – nice prices, decent service, no complaints…

  4. I’m a big fan of a German registrar. Good prices. I finally got around to switching most of my domains off netsol when I realized how easy it is to do so.

  5. Still using Network Solutions (formerly known as InterNIC) personally. Yeah, they’re expensive, but for one domain that I’ve had for a decade or so it’s not worth moving it.

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