How To Write Like a Wanker

What’s that fuel-efficient frying smell? … Throw your senses of scale and proportion out the window and succumb to the powers of 10SWAT team needed to contain dude screaming obscenities at his computer … What if it really is just turtles all the way down after all? … Learn how to write like a wanker … Appears the U.S. government has been using the Internet as a propaganda medium … You can help decide the fate of a college girl’s chest … Who would buy that? … More than you ever wanted to know about that scar on Tina Fey’s face … Read up on the endangered state of the modern banana … How beautiful, how depressing … You sure you want to sell that hard drive? … Apple’s new 17″ laptop is already being called the iSUVThe problem with metadata … You need a cigarette lighter for your PC … Here’s a woman who nursed puppies with her own breast milk … Fried tofu kamakazi and other incredible recipes … Nice 1st-person account by the dude who airbrushed the original Star Trek Enterprise … Don’t miss the Prime Number Shitting Bear … Webmasters, read the case against crawler918 … Forget mini-keyboards and soft rubber rollup keyboards — you need need a virtual keyboard forged of pure light … I believe there are some sounds worth saving … The design of the California quarter has not yet been decided upon — you can vote to help keep it from being some stupid Hollywood or Golden Gate emblem … If you don’t feel like implementing a full-blown web polling system, try setting up the inline MicropollCapitonyms controvert my earlier capitulation to the sensibility of the case-respecting but case insensitive filesystem (HFS+) … Seriously sad for the hermit sculptor killed by oil spill … Modern Drunkard Index offers these signs for when talking is impossible … Think you know Dr. Seuss? Check out his early advertising work

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  1. She’s a funny lady. I’m convinced one day she’ll tell me it’s all a big joke and she’s been saving herself for me.

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