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Amy, Miles and I went Saturday morning to SF to march on City Hall in protest of the United States’ almost certain imminent invasion of Iraq – a country that presents (as far as anyone can tell) no immediate threat to us, and that has nothing but oil to interest us. As British author John Le Carre has said about the present build-up, “… the administration’s policies are madness on a scale surpassing McCarthyism and the Vietnam War.” Speaking of LeCarre, The United States of America has gone mad is a must-read.

I suspect that one day we’ll look back on this period and be amazed that Bush was able to convince so much of the country that he was even competent to lead the country (“Anyone can drop bombs – it takes leadership to find actual solutions to actual problems.: –Barbara Lee). There are few things that we as a family (well, Amy and I) feel as sure about as the fact that this war plan is morally wrong. Evil is about to be committed in our name. Our love for America and for freedom is challenged by Bush’s warped vision of what America stands for.

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Amazing variety of people at the SF march, expressing themselves in an amazing variety of ways – some of them sober and logical, others completely out there, some borderline looney. But all joined behind the common conviction that a war plan this wrong must not be committed in our name. Here are some of my pictures of the event. See also IndyMedia’s Helicopter shots – how we looked from the air.

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  1. “Transsexual Vegan Lesbian Epidemiologist Punk”

    Reminds me of the “Asian Deaf Club” at RIT… Seems everyone is always trying to place themselves in a smaller box…

  2. These are the kinds of pictures that newspapers and other media outlets should be publishing along with their articles on the protests — if they’re publishing any articles at all.

  3. re that le Carre peice — good piece, but i think he misjudges bush’s motive. he’s not after oil, nor economic expansion for the US. he WANTS instability (the kind of instability that will come after we go to war w/ iraq — ie retaliation from other countries and terrorsists) , because instability keeps the citizenry both afraid and confused and easier to con.

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