Sentences Commuted

Amazed at this turn of events in Illinois, where Republican Governor George Ryan has decided to commute the sentences of all death-row inmates in his state. His speech on the subject, delivered to Northwestern University, is long but articulate and impassioned. No matter one’s stance on the matter, it would be impossible to read his words without having their convictions challenged. Glimpses of civilization. Thanks Benjamin.

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2 Replies to “Sentences Commuted”

  1. I think Governor Ryan has serious cajones. He knows full well that this move may cost him his career politically and he did it anyway. If there’s justice in the world, he’ll be elected by a landslide – finally, a leader who’s unafraid to LEAD, even if it involves unpopular decisions. Pity he had to be a Republican, but I’ll take real leadership instead of mealy mouthed spin from whichever side offers it at this point.

  2. Thanks for the link, Scot.

    I never would have imagined this could happen in America.

    I couldn’t imagine living in a country where the death sentence exists – but it is nice to see a leader with the courage of conviction to make what will no doubt amongst many be an unpopular opinion.

    Well spoken also.

    Greets from India – cold, but North India is colder (over 200 deaths now).


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