Take My Teef Out

At Paula’s birthday last night, two-year-old Emerson was showing me his new selection of toy tools (can’t wait till Miles is old enough to dig on a toy electric jigsaw – toys today are awesome) and we were exploring the capabilities of the pliers. After I took his socks off with them I asked if I could pull out his new teeth with the pliers. He squealed with delight and said over and over again “Take my teef out with pliers!”

Music: David Byrne :: His Wife Refused

2 Replies to “Take My Teef Out”

  1. That’s cute :)

    BTW, I also really enjoyed reading the thread about Unreal Tournament and shooting games. Personally I’m not sure what to think of it all. I enjoy the occasional “murder game” yet I seem to have turned out OK, but you do have a very valid point. Keep it up, Scot!

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