Miles Pix Month #02

Miles won’t be two months old for another two weeks, but what the hell – he’s well into his second month and becoming more engaged by the day – everything we do, he’s involved with his eyes, with his voice, with his little body. He even offers mini-reviews on the quality of the day’s breast milk: “Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm!”

So we have a new gallery of amazing Miles pix: Shades, slingshot, thumb grab, stim-mobile, naked, comfort…


Also, little Simone Micah was born to Andrew and Gina a couple of days ago – went to visit them last night – so tiny so precious. Congratulations to the Shapiro/Golleges! We’re just swimming in babies all of a sudden, and Paula/Roger’s baby is still to come.

Music: New Air :: Apricots On Their Wings

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