Gluttony and Foolhardiness

I’m not just making stuff up — foobar is a real word. … Flash doesn’t get much more Hi-Ho than this. … DecafBAD explains the Semantic Web. … The Guinness Book of World Records now discourages gluttony and foolhardiness. … Bummed that no one says “Hang ten!” anymore. … The ultimate hand-drawn digital clock. … Propaganda machine got you down? Try some remixed propaganda on for size. … From now on, any software or scripts I publish will be released under The Free Object-Oriented License. … Conclusion of this cutting edge analysis of contemporary advertising: Ads are stupid. … Don’t let your left hip know what your right hip is doing – learn the Black Bottom Dance. … These Burning Man pix are so good I regret missing it… for the 7th year running. … Bored of a Sunday afternoon? Don’t miss the Colossal Colon Tour. … How the Seattle waterfront has changed over the years. … The Best Page In the Universe. “This page is about me and why everything I like is great. If you disagree with anything you find on this page, you are wrong.” … Step-by-step instructions: how to be Electroclash. …

“Erase the vision which has trashed this planet.”
– Michael Brownstein

Music: 13th Floor Elevators :: Slip Inside This House

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  1. Hang ten bromar! Thanks for the Best Page in the Universe. It turns out that Lord of the Rings sucked because they stripped Gandalf of his pimp gear used Frodo instead of the umcompromising Lo Pan.

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