Nice Haircut

Walking up Euclid for an afternoon coffee, the homeless guy who sweeps the sidewalk daily outside of the Bongo Burger said suddenly to me “Nice haircut!” It’s true that I got a haircut over the weekend. Strange to become aware that I’m some kind of regular in this man’s universe, so much so that he knows when my hairstyle has changed. I don’t even know his name.

Music: Robert Wyatt :: Was A Friend

2 Replies to “Nice Haircut”

  1. Hey, small world! I remember Bongo Burger too, although not that particular homeless guy. Last fall I was out in CA visiting grandparents and I took a trip down to Berkeley to see my friend Jim. We crashed his math class in Soda (it blew my mind) and afterwards recovered at that very same Bongo Burger.

    Glad do know your haircut met with approval :-)

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