Green Party

In some combination of protest and support, I cast my gubernatorial vote for Green Party candidate Peter Camejo. Turns out he received more of the vote (15.79%) than Republican Bill Simon (15.12%) in San Francisco. Makes me realize how completely distorted my vision of the political landscape is – this area is so off-skew with the rest of the country. I sometimes wonder exactly where all these so-called Republicans actually live, then I realize, “Oh yeah, everywhere but here.”

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  1. This is indeed the beginning of the end. In more cheerful news, a hefty congratulations is in order: your movable type article is number 19 on blogdex today.

  2. Whoa – thanks for letting me know – I had no idea. Looks like Mr. Winer totally misunderstood the intention of the project… I dropped him a note.

  3. The local green candidate in Crawford County, PA (for congress) went up against the Republican incumbant all by his lonesome. The Democrats didn’t even bother running anyone because the area is so conservative. And you know what? The green got somewhere between 25-30% of the vote. That’s not too bad for a lefty running in a VERY conservative area. As the Greens begin to broaden their message to include more than just the environment they’ll do better. Its just a matter of time. The fact that the Democratic party is in shambles could play a big part in the Greens success or failure in the future, too.

    We shall see. It should be interesting to watch anyhow.

  4. In other words, what looks like very bad times for the left could actually be read as the beginning of a transformation of left-wing politics? Time will tell, but I like the theory.

  5. In essence, yes. Times are going to be bad for a while, but its going to restore, reform, and create a new and much stronger Left that can actually compete with the Republican Right; if for any other reason than the Left HAS to, to survive.

    Whether the Greens are the ones who do this remains to be seen. I think the Democrats will have a lot to do with this. If the democrats succeed in reforming themselves then the Greens won’t have much of a chance, however, if the Democrats fail I think the Greens will take their place. But then, theirs always the third option of the Democrats incorporating the Greens into their ranks.

    I foresee something like this happening, and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if something comes out of the woodworks and throws us all a curveball along the way.

    As I said before, its going to be interesting times. I just hope in the intermin it doesn’t get too ungly.


    On another note is their a way to get email updates on the comments for the posts that you yourself have posted in in movable type?

  6. Unfortunately, nope – MT’s whole commenting system is way behind LJ’s – a direct effect of LJ being more of a community building system and MT more of a pure publishing/blogging system.

  7. D’oh.

    Yet another reason why I wish I had the time to really learn how to program — I’ve dabbled here and there and enjoy it, and when I see projects that are useful/neat/fun the urge grows even stronger.


    I suppose someday…

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