Miles Pushing Off

When Miles was born, he seemed to have lots of extra skin, like a puppy. Now he’s starting to grow into it, his legs and arms are pudging up. In fact his calves actually feel strong, with real muscle. And you can feel it when he sits with his legs on your belly — give him a little support under the armpits and he’ll push off with his legs, making his first instinctual moves toward standing. It’s amazing to see – he can barely hold his head up straight (although his neck is quickly getting stronger too) but he can damn near stand (but not balance) on his own.

Some images of Miles taken by Amy recently. I love the view through his Stim-mobile — he’s really taken a shine to it, quiets immediately when we lay him down to be changed. Fascinated with the high-contrast shapes and movement. He can watch this mobile turn for 10 or 15 minutes without getting bored.




Music: Stereolab :: Anamorphose

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