Danger Blogging

Mike Popovic has set up a communal blog for Danger hiptop users. The hiptop is this little Star Trek Communicator-type gadget with wireless networking, instant messaging, built-in camera, dinky keyboard, phone, entertainment apps, etc. They’re starting to market the hiptop as a way to blog from the road, photos and all.

This communal weblog also converts into a personal weblog system for anyone participating – just click the {*} symbol in the title area of a post to get all posts by that author. AND, just to make things interesting, Ficus and I are organizing a Photo-Scavenger hunt for Halloween. Over 50 folks will be running around, taking pics and posting them to their team blogs (not yet public). right now, they are using the private team blogs to organize themselves into an actual team. i am pretty sure this is a first.

Very cool. Almost enough to get me to consider a new gadget. Must… resist… temptation…

Music: Edith Piaf :: Mon Dieu

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