Black People Love Us!

Ack packet via Radio Free Blogistan: Race relations skewered on a whole ‘nuther shishkabob at Black People Love Us!. Dot com. Totally hilarious. What really scared me was reading the letters page and discovering how many people couldn’t see the irony in the site, or didn’t know what to do with it once they found it.

Music: Severed Heads :: Goodbye Tonsils

3 Replies to “Black People Love Us!”

  1. Scot,

    You’ve always got great links when I read your blog (all too infrequently). Funny, conscious, and definitely AMERICAN (the link, that is). Alas, no one appreciates good w;t anymore…

    Reading back a little, congratulations re: the little shaver. A good friend also had a baby on the 23rd. Hope you were able to find a new BeTips editor too…


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