RSS at the Christian Science Monitor

I am becoming so dependent on my RSS reader (Net Newswire Lite) that I’m starting to not read sites that don’t provide a feed. It’s just too inconvenient to visit serial bookmarks every day… once you’ve seen the RSS light, it’s hard to go back. Now the Christian Science Monitor has unleashed what may be the largest RSS commitment of any mainstream news organization to date. You can pretty much access the entire publication via RSS now — powerful.

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2 Replies to “RSS at the Christian Science Monitor”

  1. I think we really need to make an easy list somehow of RSS feeds. I am actually wondering if I should not just add feeds links to my links list:

    I have lots now but absolutely agree with you. I hardly visit sites, yet, read a lot more different ones but only what interests me from the headline.

  2. Well, we could make lists, but then again we could all publish our personal bookmarks – ideally, RSS will soon become ubiquitious enough that it won’t make sense to publish lists of them separately – each site will have one and it will be the norm…

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