Miles One Week Old

This week has just drifted by so casually. Amy and I stay around the house, take visitors, watch the baby, take turns finding new ways to make him happy. I cook and clean, take care of things that have been hanging… We talk on the phone to friends and relatives a lot. When I have time off work, I’m usually either on vacation or I stay home and work obsessively on my own stuff, freelance projects, etc. This time is so different – we’re not doing anything but figuring out how to be a family together.

Miles is a different boy every day. We’re beginning to wonder if we spoke too soon in declaring him to be quiet – he’s seeming to cry a bit more every day, and starting to get harder to calm, unfortunately. When it’s not the diaper and it’s not the milk and it’s not the burping… it doesn’t leave a whole heck of a lot to try. We scratch our heads and look all concerned, but it always works out.

Put up another set of images — Miles Week One (click):

baby power

While I was at it, moved the sonogram/doppler audio loop into the miles dir.

We obsess over things that would probably look small from the outside – whether his eyes are opening quickly enough (one of them has seemed kind of “sealed,” but seems to be getting better on its own), whether his breast-feeding habits are “normal,” whether he’s pooping too much or not enough… I suppose it’s common to be a bit obsessive as you figure this stuff out for the first time.

We’ve had three outings so far – a walk around the block to get some sunshine on him and to see how Amy is faring (excellently, but not out of the woods yet). Then a pediatrics visit on the 3rd day (all is well) and a trip to Rockridge Kids today to spend some of the gift certificate we received from the J-School.

Amy’s friend Sarah made a gorgeous mobile for us — hand-folded origami birds hanging from backyard apple tree branches (because Miles used to be Appleseed). It’s lovely. Will hang that over the crib tomorrow.

For those who read this blog for something other than endless baby tales, don’t give up on me yet – the newness of all this will wear off after a while and we’ll return to the regularly scheduled blah blah woof woof.

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  1. here’s what it looks like Scot is thinking in the “Walk” photo:

    “Don’t drop the baby; don’t drop the baby; don’t drop the baby…”



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