Hooptie Goo’s Haikus

Just so you don’t think I’ve lost my mind entirely and become driven by nothing but baby for ever and ever, a few quick hits for the week:

ComputerWorld reports that if you type “go to hell” (using the quotation marks) into Google’s search engine, the first result served up is Microsoft.com. So is someone at Google tampering with the database for fun and profit, or is this an actual reflection of the sentiments of the web at large as manifested through Google’s usual bubbling process?

I usually cringe when someone invites me to a party using eVites rather than an invitation of their own device, but I had no idea the world’s leaders were using the service to arrange the war on Iraq!

Yet another Unix/Linux pundit/guru has made “the switch” – again, not from Windows to OS X, but from Linux to OS X. It’s starting to look like OS X is getting more “switch” traction from the *nix camp than from Windows users… raising the question of where the next round of Switch ads might tread.

Hooptie Goo’s Haiku, like you’ve never read before (for example):

I spilled brake fluid
Let’s get some sucking action
And clean this damn floor

At the site, hit Cartoon Classics, then Hooptie Goo’s Haikus — this is one reason I hate Flash-based web sites – rather than dropping a direct link, I have to sit around describing how to navigate… but in this case it’s worth it ;)

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  1. I remember miss muffy and hooptie goo also bullseye art. Can’t find interactive content anywhere :(

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