Wait for Yoko To Call

Read a piece today over lunch about a Yoko Ono exhibit in SF. During installation of the piece, Yoko saw a white phone for the museum guards. She put up a sign over the phone: “Wait for Yoko to call,” making it part of the exhibit. When the show opened, a visitor grabbed the phone when a guard wasn’t looking and called his own cell with it, so the number came up on his display. Now he had the #.

The person went home and had his girlfriend call the white phone. An attendee picked it up and she impersonated Yoko.

This became a weekly ritual – every Sunday they would have a brunch and dream up things for Yoko to say, then make the impersonating calls. One week she turned into “Dragon Yoko” and told a museum goer never to buy Dona Versace’s clothes … but most of the time they would be more Yoko-like, involving, but strange — would tell people to do things like “bring a rock [from an interactive part of the exhibit with rocks] over to the phone. Good. Now bring another rock…. etc.

I thought the whole prank was very much in the spirit of Yoko’s art. Sorry I missed the installation.

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