Two-Headed Turtle

Quite amazing piece of video collage / editing from the Guerrilla News Network in this piece S-11 Redux : Surfing the Apocalypse, somewhere between art and politics. Hits hard. Did me, anyway, especially the “Deliverance” bits.

Two-headed turtle found in Florida — ” …. said the two-headed creature likely is a natural occurrence, not caused by chemicals or any other outside influence.”

Dan Gilmor writes 10 choices that were critical to the Net’s success for the Mercury News, an excellent primer not so much on the history of the Internet, as on the decisions that were or were not made that allowed networks to proliferate at the right places, be reigned in at the right places, and to multiply everywhere else.

Attended Andrew’s opening at Richmond Art Center, purchased one of his pieces, a dark + green upward slurping thick acryclic piece, to be delivered in November. Party at their house afterwards. Babies everywhere, except for ours and Gina’s, which haven’t popped out yet.

Music: William Parker – Hunk Pappa Blues

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  1. Scot, I’m wondering if you’ve heard of Randall Packer. He’s a professor at the Maryland Institute, College of Art in Baltimore. He put together a book/web publication called “Multimedia: From Wagner to Virtual Reality” ( This got some notice from Slashdot, not all of it positive.

    He runs MICA’s Center for New Media – – as well as another arts site – Has worked with John Cage. Seems like what this guy is doing is right up your alley. Also has Bay area connections.

    Interested in your 2 cents.

  2. I had not heard of him, but he seems to be an interesting guy. To tell the truth, I’m not as immersed in multimedia arts as I once was (used to write about multimedia CD-ROMs for the Utne Reader), but I do still hang with a lot of arts-involved people, and my wife of course is an artist, although she’s more old-school (well, b/w photography with a modern eye).

    Thanks for the links, whoever you are ;)

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