Goats, Guns, and Grenades

My parents owned a diesel Volvo in the late 70s / early 80s. The neighbors had a diesel VW Rabbit. Those are the last two consumer cars I remember seeing run on diesel, which has all but disappeared from the American scene. Meanwhile, those whacky (read: sensible) Europeans have evolved diesel technology by leaps and bounds in the past two decades – they’re now creating massive amounts of torque in tiny packages, and doing it clean. Diesel now accounts for 33% of European car sales. But U.S. policies have effectively blocked any potential embrace of new diesel technologies in this country. See this AutoWorld piece for more. Pretty messed up.

Battle droids are becoming real. NY Times:
A War of Robots, All Chattering on the Western Front

As abstract and original concepts, Enron’s and WorldCom’s balance sheets can be classified as works of art.

Gaddafi: Goats, Guns, and Grenades. And just who is that frightening Fred Gwynn character in the picture at the bottom?

Pop quiz: which of the stories referenced above is satire?

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