Out of Print

Just received an email from someone wanting to know how to get a copy of the MP3 book, since it’s out of print. Out of print? WTF… checked Amazon and O’Reilly, and it’s true, but no one ever told me. Why is the author always the last to know?

That book sold terribly. I sold 10x more copies of the BeOS Bible. Amazing how something with an immense built-in audience can do so poorly while a book on an obscure topic like BeOS can do so well. My reckoning is that A) Very, very, very few MP3 users perceive the need for a book on the subject, in contrast to BeOS, and B) I had no competion in the BeOS space, while there were 10 other MP3 books on the market.

A few completely wrong-headed and bizarre comments on the book’s Amazon listing sure didn’t help. Ah well. It was a fun book to do.

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