Enjoying Pregnancy

Just want to say how completely and totally we are enjoying Amy’s pregnancy. Every day she gets a little bit rounder – an amazing hemisphere precedes her now – and it gets a little bit more exciting. But it’s not like pregnancy is this thing we have to get through to have the baby – we’re really enjoying watching her body change, all the little signs. Our relationship has never been stronger, more joyous. Everything seems filled with life. I love to rest my hand on her belly, love to rub her with oil (it takes a lot of the strain off on days when it gets too much). We’ve been really lucky so far – everything has gone like clockwork. Birthing classes start soon, and I’m sure it’s all going to get much more intense.

Last weekend at a party we met another old childhood friend – Susannah – and she’s got exactly the same due date – Sept. 16. Weird. That makes four childhood friends all having babies within 3 months of each other. Weird.

We call the baby “Appleseed,” which was what we called it when it was the size of an appleseed and we told one of our nieces and she asked “Are you going to name it Appleseed?” The other night Amy had a book resting on her belly and Appleseed kicked right off from inside. That’s real.

Getting ready for the baby is consuming a huge part of our lives right now, emotionally at least. Reading books, preparing to get the baby’s room ready, figuring out the diaper situation, the circumcision situation, endless naming discussions, all that stuff. Like looking towards any big life change, we move in waves of disbelief – one day it seems like we’re getting used to the idea already, and the next our minds are blown again.

I wonder a lot about what kind of father I’m going to make. I doubt my own abilities. Fortunately, everything I read and everyone I talk to confirms that that is the most natural reaction one can have toward parenting the first time around. You just don’t know how you can possibly do it. But at the same time, you know you can. It will just happen. We will keep our wits, stay happy, stay level, and everything will be fine. I know it will.

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  1. I’ll simplify your life a bit. Forget about circumcision. Your son (and all his ladies) will thank you, I promise.

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