I wrote to Air-Way about the Sanitizor lamp I made a while ago, and they actually got back to me. Looks like A and I are now entitled to a half-price vacuum.

Mr. Hacker,

The model you made the lamp from is a model 55 that was produced from 1945 through 1949. Many independent dealers take the top off and use it for an umbrella stand or fill it with sand for an ash tray. Since you own a previous Air-Way you can purchase a new model for 1/2 retail directly from the factory.

Matt/Customer Service

Kind of sad though – their 1940s Sanitizor is about a zillion times more attractive than the contemporary model.

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  1. i foundthesame one at my local dump (ya im an antique scavenger lol) Would love to see a pic of ur lamp

  2. Hello,
    I have a 1945 model with working attachments and a carpet cleaner. I have written to the company and am awaiting a reply.

    Is it possible that antique hunters might be interested in this piece of machinery?

    I have not used it in five years, and it was working then, although it would probably need a new electrical cord.

    Please write back !


  3. Hi Judith – I would be potentially interested in it to make another lamp with. But would it be worth the cost of shipping?

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