Logic Bug

In a dream, was helping other humans to birth whale calfs in shallow water, and cried because I realized I had never done anything as meaningful as that with my life. For the more difficult births, we had a whale birthing facility made of light blue fiberglass. The facility consisted of cavern within cavern of calf birthing rooms built into a hillside, and fiberglass seats built in rows for an audience. Was waiting with several other people in one of these calf birthing rooms for something to happen, and nothing was happening. As I woke up, conscious mind entered and observed that the room was only big enough for a whale calf — about 30′ feet long — and not long enough for the adult mother whale. So there was a logic bug in the dream that had caused it to hang, which is why we were all standing around doing nothing. Unaware we were in a dream, and unaware there was a bug in the dream. Once fully awake I realized this too was wrong, since impossible things happen in dreams all the time – bad logic does not constitute a bug to a dream.


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