Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal has a pretty fair and balanced piece on Apple’s switch campaign here. I’m particularly interested in this right now not just as an evangelist in remission, but because the environmental defense law firm I work as a consultant for is ready for a major upgrade. The choices are these:

– Upgrade memory, hard drives, operating systems and apps
– Switch from desktops to wireless laptops
– Go Mac

I know the Mac suggestion is unconventional for lawyer types, and many of their impressions were formed at a time when document compatibility wasn’t nearly what it is today. But for virus and spam reasons alone (I mention spam prevention because the spam blockers built into Entourage for Office X are so incredibly good), I think it’s worth it. Not to mention fewer breakdowns, less confusion, and more reliability with Macs than with PCs. But I would understand if they decide to stay PC. It’s an option, not an agenda item.

So I’ve got that gig coming up (just wrote up a lengthy analysis of these three options and their implications), and a 2,000 word piece for MacWorld due soon, and wrapping up the SKSM job. Birthing classes start in a couple of weeks, and we’re still trying to buy a house. Oh yeah, I still have a full-time job in between everything.

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