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We’ve used a professional tax preparer for the past five years. Decided to try and save some money this year and got a quote from HR Block. Sounded like they could save us 50%. The experience was miserable. The guy we got was a dud, hated his life. “How long have you been working here?” “24 long years…” he responded, in the closest unintentional approximation of a Droopy the Dog voice I’ve heard. Didn’t even try to help us find good deductions. The place felt like a sausage factory. There were AOL logos printed right on our tax forms, that’s how incestuous these giant multinational conglomerates are.

Anyway, when he was finished we got a bill for more than we usually pay our professional preparer. So we raised a stink. We had no proof of the amount we had been quoted before we went in, since it was over the phone, and they claimed they don’t give quotes. Well, someone gave me one, that’s for sure. And it’s the only reason we wandered into that god-forsaken rat-hole to begin with.

The whole system is computer driven and the agent was powerless to do anything. Had to call a central number, who authorized a $50 rebate. Clam boogers. Decided to fight. Had to go the district manager, argue with him over the phone about it, fax in a bunch of documents and write a letter. Finally got email back today – they’re refunding us $122. Good enough. Chalk one up for the little guy.

Set up QTSS on Sherlock today. Did some upgrades to the Admissions database. Ate burritos from Gordo tonight (great spinach tortillas) and watched the first two episodes of Oz, which is pretty damn good, but not as involving as we had hoped.

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  1. Why didn’t you just ask for your papers back and go some place else? I love people who get the work done, bitch, and then demand a refund.

  2. Because A) of the principle of the thing – they gave us a quote, then charged double the quote; that’s just wrong and B) because of the time investment – we weren’t about to go have another session with another consultant; we had already gone through that. All we wanted was the service we had agreed upon for the price agreed upon. Can’t believe you think that’s “bitching.”

  3. Good for you! I own an independant tax preperation firm, but have worked for larger chain franchises before (briefly). I agree with you on the principle and i know first hand the “tricks” these places use to bump the fees. I started my own company after quitting the tax biz because i couldn’t stomach the tactics i was required to employ while employed there. Now that I’m the boss, people are treated fairly and like people! No fast food tax preperation here. Go get ’em

  4. I’ve been fighting with them for the last 8 months trying to get them to live up to their “double check guarantee”. They cost me hundreds of dollars in penalties since they imported my information from my federal return to my state return and claimed my mortgage interest twice – for three years. Shame on me for believing their “double check” and “checked for accuracy.

  5. I completed 95% of my 2006 taxes via Taxcut/HR Block online only to find out near the end that IRS forms 4562 and 8582 were not included in their premium package. I was directed to email a request for assistance and that was where my nightmare began. The tax preparer required verification of my income prior to releasing the needed forms. I smelled a rat and resisted, he assured me that submitting my W2s and 1099s was a mere formality to get to the needed forms. A few days later, I was smacked with a bill of over $280, he completed the return even though I explicitedly said I did not want or need the assistance. I have filed a misrepresentation (bait and switch) complaint with any and every agency I can think of! I went to Turbotax for a smooth experence — why did I ever leave them in the first place!

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