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Breakthrough tonight: Succeeded in taking a live video stream from DV camera and spitting it to the web in real time. The final setup will look like this:

camera –> mixing board –> G4 w/coolstream –> win2k w/qtss –> world

The mixing board will let us add titles and do fades etc. on a live video stream. It outputs analog, so we need an analog capture card for the Mac. CoolStream on the Mac takes the stream and resizes / resamples in real time, generates an SDP (streaming description protocol) file, and unicasts the stream to Darwin Streaming Server 4 (DSS4) running on a dedicated Win2K box. The SDP file gets moved to the DSS4 box as well. DSS4 then multicasts the stream to the world, all with a 7-second buffer delay (almost half the latency of Real or WinMedia).

Since you can’t embed an SDP file in a web page, you make a fake .mov file that references the SDP, then embed the fake mov in a web page.Have been fiddling with this stuff for a while, felt great to make it finally happen.

Still a good amount of fiddling and purchasing to do. Amazingly, there is currently no broadcasting software for OSX on the market, so you have to do the capturing under OS9. Apple will be releasing free broadcaster when they get the licensing crap worked out with MPEG-LA. So we’ll switch from CoolStream to that when it’s ready. I’d be running QTSS under OSX as well, but it would mean buying another Mac, and we already have this Win2K box ear-marked for media serving.

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  1. DSS 4.1.2 on Windows 2000 is hanging when I try to connect to a live broadcast encoded with QuickTime Broadcaster (OS X) via QuickTime player. On-demand files work fine. I’m getting this error from the log…

    2003-02-09 19:09:01: _Assert: c:\cygwin\darwin\qtssserver-412.42\commonutilitieslib\stringparser.cpp, 238

    Any ideas on what’s causing this or how to fix it?


    Brian Satchfield
    Studio Manager
    Raymond James Financial

  2. Brian, did you ever resolve this? Am getting the same error on two different servers using different broadcast sources.

  3. awsum, just awsum thats all i have to say im feeling it with you when you say it felt great to make it happen.im busy setting up a small tv station for the web hobbyist really but,
    i think big….lol
    ive been playing with darwin on my xp machine and it works fine, ive been thinking of live streaming but its just a plan at the moment.can i record it and then play it semi live down the pipe will it do the same thing as you did.
    also do you have any idea how to stream so a user will join at the point in the movie it has reached as opposed to the beginning every time.this is new to me but keep me informed of how your doing.love to hear.

    lee heron

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