Tom Petty Is Pissed

The Rolling Stone is running an interview with Tom Petty in which the good man pretty much slams modern life on planet earth… or at least the music industry, rampant greed, decline of common sense and moral compass, and total lack of inspiration. Couldn’t say it better.

What happened between 1979 and now? How did we get here from there? More importantly, will music ever be good again? Will the industry just keep getting greedier and more apathetic? Ack packet via Weblogsky.

Music: Brian Eno :: My Squelchy Life


Young boy next-door swinging a tree branch like a sword and making Star Wars sounds with his mouth.

“Is that a light saber?,” I asked.

The boy stopped and looked at me. “How did you know?”

“Because The Force is very strong with you.”

He made a “Pppphhhhzzzztttt!” sound and pumped his fist in the air, smiling big.

Music: Babatunde Olatunji :: Oba Igbo

Nice Haircut

Walking up Euclid for an afternoon coffee, the homeless guy who sweeps the sidewalk daily outside of the Bongo Burger said suddenly to me “Nice haircut!” It’s true that I got a haircut over the weekend. Strange to become aware that I’m some kind of regular in this man’s universe, so much so that he knows when my hairstyle has changed. I don’t even know his name.

Music: Robert Wyatt :: Was A Friend

Hot Curler

Wonderfully evocative Lynda Barry cartoon on modern marvels like hair curlers and El Marko and Jello 1-2-3 that aren’t so new, but kinda sorta seem marvelous anyway. Barry is our (Amy’s and my) hero. We have a hand-drawn and signed image of hers (“Tip-Toe Marlys”) hanging in the baby’s room. Now Miles is getting into her too.

Music: T. Rex :: Seal of Seasons

Breadth Over Depth

Ack packet via : Very interesting piece on the effect internet research is having on students, how it encourages breadth over depth, how people are taking in more information but thinking about it less. Very true how everyone thinks “Everything is on the Internet now,” when librarians estimate that only about 15% of what’s in library books is also available online. Funny how this kind of analysis all of a sudden seems more relevant, on the brink of fatherhood.


In 94, just after birdhouse started up, I had this idea that I wanted to start scanning garbage that floated into our yard in Boston – photos, candy wrappers, personal notes, shopping lists, whatever. I never did get around to it. Fortunately someone did — Amy pointed out FOUND magazine today and it’s amazing, if you like things on the dada side – accidental art, strange and sometimes profound and almost always poignant in an eerie kind of way.

Really enjoying the soundtrack to I Am Sam – Beatles covers by modern groups. You hear surprisingly few Beatles covers because… I guess because they’re hard to cover. But most of these tracks are very good.

Why Americans Don’t Watch Soccer

As Joel Stein neatly summarizes at,

“There are just two things about the World Cup that prevent Americans from caring: it involves soccer and the rest of the world. We could get over the soccer part eventually — after all, it’s kind of like the soccer we make our suburban children play, only without the goal scoring. But the global part just isn’t going to happen. When I hear that Tunisia is playing Belgium for the crucial Group H runner-up spot, all I want is a map. The only way Americans are going to learn another country’s name is if it attacks us.”



If you are in possession of blue or red time warping moon crystals,
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Liberace’s Lover

In response to my piece Understanding Liberace: Grooving with the Fey Heckler, CNN writes:

We are delighted that Scott Thorson, who claims to be Liberace’s lover, is going to appear on Larry King Live this Wednesday. We would like the promote the interview extensively. I am in charge of promoting it via the Internet and ask for your help.

Would it be possible to promote on your website Scott Thorson, Liberace’s lover, on Larry King Live? This would be done by putting on your web site something as simple as “Watch Scott Thorson discuss being Liberace’s lover for the full hour on CNN’s Larry King Live on Wednesday, June 12th, 2002 at 9 p.m. EST. For more information, please visit

All the best,

Eleanor Spektor