What Is Code?

I’ve been thinking recently about how some people have jobs that most everyone can “understand” more or less – we all know kinda sorta what a teacher or a policeman does – while others work in areas that are virtually inaccessible to the general public. I’m often reminded how little my family and closest friends understand about how I spend my days.

So Paul Ford of Businessweek has written this colossal, 38,000-word article “What Is Code” that attempts to bridge that gap. I’m not sure it succeeds (or that any article could) but it’s a fine attempt and a damn good read. Even for coders. It took hours to get through, and reading is not generally how I like to spend my weekend time, but it was time very well spent. Super recommend.

What Is Code

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  1. Yeah I meant to say “thanks for posting, this was very amusing and might be a great article to show to people I know who don’t do any programming” but somehow ultimately ended up leaving that part out. I blame the aforementioned IPA for this!

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