WTB: Muzak Control Knob

Remember these? If you ever worked in a restaurant or hotel in the 70s or 80s you probably had one on the wall in a closet or back room somewhere. Now I’m on the lookout to find one I can wire up to the living room dimmer switch. If you know where to find one, let me know! (eBay is turning up squat).


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  1. Scot, you specifically want the Muzak® logo, right? Otherwise, generic wall-mount volume controls are readily available and I should be able to assist you with that.

  2. Yeah, it’s all about the Muzak logo here :) Otherwise I’d just order one from Electronics Goldmine or similar. Thanks man.

  3. Seems like it would easier / faster to 3d print or try to order / make this.

  4. Shacker did you ever find one? I’m looking for the same. An original muzak control knob with the Muzak logo on it

  5. Hi, Scot. I happen to have 2 of these knobs in my 1950’s home that I recently bought. I’ve been doing some research on my own and would love to bring them back to life.

  6. Wow, you found one?! How cool is that. To be clear, are you offering to sell one to me, or just letting me know that you have some?

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