Kauai 2013

When we experienced Kauai for the first time in 2010, I was so blown away – and found the experience so transformative – that I spent three days writing a blog post about it when we returned.

Just returned from a 2nd trip, but no way am I going to do that much writing again, even though I’ve got just as much to say :) Instead, just spent a day combing through 2,000 photos (mine, my wife’s and my father’s), and whittled down the set to around 200.

Kauai 2013 Flickr Set

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A few highlights:

Seed pod on Kahiliwai Bay

Miles and Scot at Anini

On the Kalalau - 16

Kauai Helicopter - 082

Three generations of Hacker men in waterfall

Jim with Coconut

Dog killed a rooster

Scot snorkeling Hideaways Beach - 01

Kauai 2013 Flickr Set

For best results, click the full-screen slideshow option.

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  1. It used to be a lot more stable here especially on Kauai, but this all changed in the 1990’s. Because of Kauai’s economic collapse negatively impacting the state, we had major exoduses not just off of Kauai, but the state. Most of the people who left were business owners and their employees, we had three exoduses on Kauai, first following Hurricane Iniki that struck on 9/11/1992 the other two as a result of the islands ongoing economic malaise.

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