Ziso gods

Very interesting conversation with my 10-yr-old son tonight about karma, gods, and belief systems. He was describing an aspect of his imaginary world Ziso, which he’s been constructing in his head (and in a wiki) for the past five years.

Me: What kind of economy do they have in Ziso?

He: None. But if you do good deeds, Zisocoins just appear in your backpack the next day.

Me: Who puts them there?

He: One of the Ziso gods.

Me: Tell me more about religion in Ziso.

He: There is no religion in Ziso.

Me: But you said there were gods!

He: Yeah, but you don’t need religion to have gods. In Ziso everyone knows they exist. The gods are real facts, so there’s no need for belief. And since there’s no need for belief, there’s no need for religion.

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