Havey Canyon Trail

We call the Havey Canyon Trail (hills above Berkeley, CA) hike our “reverse” hike because it starts at the top of a valley, descends quickly and steeply into Wildcat Canyon, then slowly up the other side of the canyon. Coming back, you end your hike with a major steep climb (most hikes start at the base of a hill, and you end by coming down).



The elevation map ends up looking kind of crazy.


Wonderful evening out with Amy, Miles and a friend doing this regular favorite of ours. Just four miles round-trip, but pretty strenuous on account of all the up/down.

The kids had a great time talking their way through an imaginary “Hunger Games” type world/scenario (they were from the “poison” district).


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  1. Scot, I enjoyed the post, but please tell us where this Wildcat Canyon is? Maine? Peru? British Columbia?

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