The History of Misheard Lyrics

A lifetime ago, I created The Archive of Misheard Lyrics, where people could go to log all of the lyrics they *thought* they had always known, only to to discover in some embarrassing circumstance how wrong they had been all along. I later sold the site, and the purchaser destroyed most of the functionality and gave it the current hideous design. I’m pretty much embarrassed to attach my name to it these days.

Anyway, just stumbled on this video of a group playing/acting out a few dozen of the most popular misheard lyrics from the site – pretty funny.

Via Laughing Squid:

“Experimental video musical group cdza has created History of Misheard Lyrics | Opus No. 13, a live-performed music video montage that covers 70 years of misheard song lyrics. It features the vocals of Ryan Melia and Lora Lee Gayer and Michael on bass.”

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  1. I tried to see the “hideous design” but it crashed my browser tab before I could look at it.

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