Maker Faire 2012

Hard to believe this was Maker Faire #7 already – the Bay Area’s great festival of DIY amazingness. And it was the 7th annual pilgrimage for my son and I – haven’t missed one yet! Honestly, I have to admit its specialness is diminishing with every passing year. When Maker Faire launched, it felt amazing to see that O’Reilly had tapped into this hidden wellspring of invention that had been bubbling just under the surface. Steampunk was new, Arduino was on the outskirts, and welding goggles were only owned by mechanics and obscure artists.

Ball Chain Curtain

Now, seven years later, there’s a feeling of sameness to Maker Faire, and as the festival gets more packed every year, it also becomes less dangerous, and the really exciting stuff becomes more scarce. Despite that, it’s still one of the most stimulating things you can possibly do with a kid in the Bay Area – an endless well of creativity and self-empowerment, and we’ll never stop going.

Blown away by this duct tape garden, consisting of more than 7,000 individual mini-sculptures:

Duct Tape Garden

Bummed not to see the giant Mousetrap at this year’s faire – its absence was like a big hole in the day. But Cyclecide continues to be one of our favorite parts of the day – dozens bikes hacked and chopped into every bizarre configuration imaginable, and entire carnival rides made of bike parts. Nothing at Maker Faire is more interactive, or more twisted. Also love the companion wooden bikes.


See the Flickr set, or slideshow below

2 Replies to “Maker Faire 2012”

  1. We missed it this year for the first time. Thanks for the photos. Love the wooden bikes too. I wonder if any hack ride Whiskeydrome?

  2. It was great as always! Less so in some ways, more so in some ways.

    Do you mean whether people hack and and ride Whiskeydrome at the same time? I didn’t see that happening, but it wouldn’t surprise me… :)

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