Lego T1 Camper Van

Most (OK, all) of the Lego models we’ve purchased over the past five years have been for my son, who carefully assembles them, keeps them pristine for about a day (max), and then disassembles them to be used as parts for his ongoing “Lego City” project, which rings his bedroom. It’s a noble effort, but as a former 1964 VW split-window bus owner, I couldn’t stand the thought of this one being taken apart. Some kind of mid-life crisis thing I guess, living out the past through my child’s eyes.

After some long delays as we raided his personal stash for missing bits, finally finished the build a few days ago. Amazing attention to detail in this model (1332 pieces), from the sink with comb and mirror to the surfing artwork on the interior, to the dashboard details, to the ridiculously accurate engine compartment and oil cooler, to the real fabric pop-top (which doesn’t really work that well, but hey, they tried).

Super-fun father/son build. Recommended.

Miles even narrated a little video tour for you:

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  1. Haven’t had that much fine in a while, thanks Hacker’s! I built legos as a kid but this goes to another level. Also Miles’ video narration was the icing on the cake!

  2. Milan, you’re not kidding about how much Legos have changed since we were kids – you can’t even buy sets of plain bricks anymore – it’s all themed, detailed, and out there. For better and for worse. But the themed sets don’t inhibit creative play, as long as you’re willing to disassemble and repurpose (which he generally is).

  3. Lego Camper Van Beethoven – hilarious!

    Roger, see also Miles’ Lego heavy metal band, “Chain Saw” – complete with banjo.

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