Wildcat Canyon Fail

Attempt to find a 25-mile route all the way around Wildcat Canyon pretty much failed. Turned from San Pablo Dam Road onto 24 West, then signs said I had to exit the freeway. No where to go, totally stuck. So ventured onto EBMUD land and ended up hiking with the bike three miles up a muddy path, pushing the bike. Road bike brakes got totally clogged with mud, had to take the wheel off and clean them out by hand at home. Has anyone done this? How the heck are you supposed to complete the circuit cleanly?

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  1. Years ago a person could ride the shoulder of Hwy 24 (either direction) between Orinda and Fish Ranch Road. Maybe the work on the fourth bore of the tunnel has put a stop to that?? I just don't know … maybe they changed the rules even before the tunnel work began.

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