Cracked Rib

Spent the weekend in Pioneer, near Tahoe CA – just me and the boy at my parent’s house. On Sunday, M took a snowboard lesson and I took off into the hills. Three rides in, coming off a lift at the top of Cornice, a skiier turned left across my board, knocking me down. A not-uncommon thing, but I landed just … wrong and heard a rib crack. Feeling woozy, but had to traverse hard left across the mountain to meet M at the end of his lesson. Realized I could still ride if I stayed upright, didn’t jolt too much, and didn’t bend over, so went for it.

Unfortunately, the long traverse took me into some deep forest. Low snow cover meant lots of exposed logs and rocks, plus it was mogul territory and the afternoon ice didn’t make things any easier. Turned into a 15-minute trip of pain. By the time I got to the bottom it was aching like a mother.

24 hours later it’s starting to feel a bit better, but still can’t bend over to do anything (like tie shoes) and sitting down is horrible (the temporary strain of muscles pulling at the ribs). Decided not to see a doctor – they can’t do anything for cracked ribs but tell you to take it easy and maybe prescribe meds. Will have to tough this one out.

Still, a great weekend, and I’m jazzed that M enjoyed his snowboard lesson – said he liked it way better than skis! We’re destined to ride together.

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