Arduino experiments

Got the Ethernet shield today, and was able to put together a simple circuit and hack up / modify a couple of existing sketches. I can now contact Twitter through the API, examine a tweet, and light the green LED if a certain word exists in that tweet, light up red if it doesn’t. Baby steps, but it’s starting to click.

Circuit hacking is fun!

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  1. Richard, for sure. And there's so much sample code out there waiting to be remixed. My challenge right now is trying to narrow it down and focus, though I've got like five different ideas cooking already.

  2. David – do you mean beyond detecting high/low from an IR or touch sensor? Are you thinking more along the lines of temperature, or sound pressure, or something? Any favorites?

  3. For now my goal is to teach myself how to programm avr chips, so im working on a litle project – wife controled toy car =) And i choosed arduino because it’s really easy to prototype with it.

  4. I like the idea of the wife-controlled AVR better :) Sounds cool.

    I’m working on building a multi-color lamp that will display various patterns based on user activity at (that site is a side project of mine). Going well so far!

  5. “I like the idea of the wife-controlled AVR better :) ” but wives woud not agree =))))))))

    Great idea! after “wife-controlled avr” i was thinking about colored lamp too. is a nice project! And Django powered too =) I’m python addict and really like Django pony power =)

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