DIY Chess Set

Over the past week, Miles and I have spent our evenings sketching out and making our own chess set, using Crayola’s borderline surreal synthetic clay-like substance Model Magic (we bought it in bulk at a craft supply store). It’s really weird stuff – feels light, almost like foam or fluffernutter. It stiffens up after a few days, but never gets completely hard. Easy to work with, super clean.

We decided to each design and create our own side of the chess board, but helped each other with some bits. Miles is a brilliant chess player at age 9, and it takes some serious concentration to not be beaten by him – he seems to see every possibility, every opening. Either that or I’m oblivious. Finally had our first real game with our new set last night and he kicked my butt!

Fun project.

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2 Replies to “DIY Chess Set”

  1. Wow..!! Awesome.

    Best chessboard design ever seen. Good use of clay & colors. Nice shape also.

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