Abandoned Cabins

Wonderful day hiking backwoods Pioneer, CA with Dad, where we discovered an old abandoned cabin in the woods. Appeared to have been built in the 1920s and last occupied in the 1960s. Haunting, sad, beautiful, and scattered through with interesting junk. A poster showing all the presidents shows that JFK was still in power when someone last lived there. Outdoor shower powered by old riveted boilers, an unopened box of Kleenex from the 1950s, spiderwebs coming out of the taps, a dead bat in the sink… the place was visually amazing.


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  1. Yeah, I can’t believe how big he is either. Turned nine last month, and is sitting somewhere between childhood and sophisticated pre-teen. But still has plenty of little kid aspects, still reaches up to hold my hand when walking, which makes me feel fantastic (I had thought that would stop at 5 or 6). Still full of imagination and wonder, not at all jaded by the world.

    Great thought on Nothing But Flowers.

    “There was a shopping mall
    Now it’s all covered with flowers
    you’ve got it, you’ve got it

    This was a discount store,
    Now it’s turned into a cornfield
    you got it, you got it

    And as things fell apart
    Nobody paid much attention
    you got it, you got it

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