How Journalists Can Start Using Google+ Now

As much as I love Twitter, I’ve been spending a lot more time on Google+ over the past couple of months. The growth of the network has been absolutely explosive, and readers are flocking there in droves. Since part of my job at the Knight Digital Media Center is working on their social media presence, and the other part involves helping journalists to use digital tools effectively, I wrote up this blog post yesterday:

How Journalists Can Start Using Google+ Now

The jury’s still out on whether Google+ will eventually become a Twitter or Facebook killer. Talk to Facebook users and they’ll tell you Google+ is irrelevant – that the audience is too small, that their friends aren’t there1, or that only early adopters and geeks are posting. Business Insider says Facebook will wipe the floor with Google+. But the numbers tell another story, and if it’s not time for journalists to start using the platform today, it’ll soon be too big to ignore.

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